Collaboration between the OIE and the Latin American Poultry Association


The OIE and the Latin American Poultry Association (ALA) have signed a cooperation agreement to keep on working together in key topics such as antimicrobial resistance, animal welfare and surveillance and preventing of diseases.

On 24th November, the OIE and ALA formalized their long-standing working relationship, through an exchange of collaboration letters. ALA is a leading Latin American poultry institution, whose purpose is to foster a strong and united poultry industry throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. It seeks to contribute to the strengthening of efficient and responsible production, providing food security. Today, ALA represents most of the countries in the Americas, including world leaders in meat and egg production and trade.

Historically, collaboration in the Americas has included work within the framework of Inter-American Committee on Avian Health (CISA), which has acted as a meeting point between government and industry, promoting public-private cooperation in improving animal health and welfare.

In the letters exchanged between the two organisations, several working points were agreed upon, such as the exchange of information and participation in topics and events of common interest, as well as the possibility of proposing experts to participate in working groups in the fields of animal welfare and health, trade and food safety, as well as vocational education and training.

Given that antimicrobial resistance requires concrete actions at all levels, special emphasis was put on the commitment of the poultry industry to promote prudent and responsible use of antimicrobials following the OIE standards, involving national poultry associations, producers, and the veterinary profession.

Dr Luis Barcos, OIE Regional Representative for the Americas, commented on this development: “After so many years working together, we are very pleased to be able to formalise our working relationship with ALA. We know the value that ALA has in the poultry industry in the Americas, and we hope that this agreement will allow us to continue supporting the industry so that, through the application of OIE standards, safe trade can be ensured“.