The OIE Regional Representative

Institutional visit to Paraguay


Institutional visit of the OIE Regional Representative for the Americas to Paraguay

On December 12 and 13, 2019, the Regional Representative of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), Dr. Luis Osvaldo Barcos, visited the offices of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock in Asunción, Paraguay.

As known, the OIE is an Intergovernmental Organisation whose mission is to improve animal health and welfare throughout the world, operating under the authority and control of a World Assembly of Delegates from its 182 Member Countries.

During his institutional visit, Dr. Barcos met with Mrs. Maris Llorens, Director of the Asunción Botanical Garden and Zoo, businesswoman, philanthropist and OIE World Goodwill Ambassador. He also met the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Min. Rodolfo Firedmann, and Dr. Hugo Idoyaga, Delegate of Paraguay and Vice-President of the OIE Council of Delegates, to coordinate future joint activities.

Mrs. Maris Llorens has collaborated for many years with the OIE, especially in the fields of conservation of nature and biodiversity. Through her national non-profit private foundation, she aims to promote state policies that promote sustainable interaction between agribusinesses, conservation of natural wealth and social responsibility,

It is a real pleasure to be able to work as a team for a common goal, because protecting animals is preserving our future.

From left to right: Dr. Hugo Idoyaga, Min. Rodolfo Friedmann, Mrs. Maris Llorens, Dr. Luis Barcos