It's Everyone's Health


We are the global authority on animal health: we work to ensure the health of animals and their environments across the world, recognising that animal health impacts everyone’s health and that the safety of our future depends on it. 

Since 1924, we have focused on the complexities of animal health. Over time, we expanded our mission to include building partnerships with other international organisations on global initiatives, developing and disseminating knowledge, monitoring animal diseases, and designing science-based protocols to manage outbreaks before they become a threat to public health, livelihoods, and international trade. We have 182 Members worldwide that are committed to complying with our animal health and welfare standards. We strive for transparency in everything we do. 

We know that collaboration is the key to obtaining sustainable results, which is why we endeavour to ensure solidarity among all our Members to effectively control animal diseases, whether they affect livestock, aquatic animals or wildlife. We work to create a substantial network of people, a solid knowledge base and a pool of resources and information that can be easily accessed and shared. We work to empower all of our Members, communities and partners in our global quest for a more sustainable society, one that benefits animals, humans and the planet. 

We are building a better future through better animal health.

It's Everyone's Health