New project: Harmonisation of health requirements and protocols for competition horses


The Project for the harmonisation of health requirements and the implementation of a common protocol and health certificate based on the Terrestrial Code for the temporary movements of high health, high performance horses (HHP) in South America has started its implementation in October.

The project aims to achieve the adoption by Mercosur and the Andean Community of a protocol and a harmonised model certificate for the movement of HHP horses. Subsequently, its application will be promoted in South American countries, involving other national authorities such as customs authorities, in order to facilitate the temporary movement of this special category of horses.

The implementation of the project will last approximately 24 months and will require meetings and interviews with key actors in the different national authorities as well as other stakeholders.

We hope to work together with the veterinary services of the region to generate actions that will result in an improvement in the management of this special category of horses.

Useful link: https://www.woah.org/en/what-we-offer/safe-trade-and-movement-of-animals/international-competition-horse-movement