OIE guidelines for Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)


We are happy to share the new OIE guidelines for Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), official released at the 87th General Session of the OIE held in May 26 to 31, 2019.

During the OIE General Session also be a “PPP Kiosk” that give the opportunity for all participants to discover the OIE PPP Handbook, ask questions, provide feedback and share ideas… a great way to meet our “customers”, as the General Session is gathering public and private actors of Veterinary Services worldwide, as well as important stakeholders. Concomitantly, we introduced the OIE PPP e-learning course, developed with the support of EuFMD. This course will soon be available on the OIE new e-learning platform and accessible through our website. This website also provides access to the other where all documents, including the OIE PPP Handbook, are available in the other OIE official languages.

Meanwhile, and as always, your suggestions and ideas on how to optimize the impact of the OIE PPP initiative are welcome!