General Session- OIE 2021

The Americas prepare for the 88th General Session of the OIE - May 2021


Delegates from the Americas’ Region met with the Director General and the OIE offices in Buenos Aires and Panama to prepare for the World Assembly of Delegates.

The OIE Council, in coordination with the Director General, decided to hold the 88th General Session in a virtual format, submitting for consideration by the 182 OIE Delegates an adapted procedure that allows the adoption of some key resolutions through electronic means.

On 2 February, more than 60 participants from the Americas met with the Director General, the OIE Regional Commission for the Americas and Council members.

OIE Director General, Monique Eloit, provided some key messages related to the organisation of the overall activities, the elections and the adoption of Standards. The new virtual format of the 88th General Session was presented and will be held from Monday 24 to Friday 28 May 2021.

A series of preparatory meetings will be held to ensure adequate participation.

The Meeting was chaired by Dr Mark Trotman, and was actively attended by Delegates from the 30 countries present.