OIE “Global Wildlife Health”

Presentation on the White nose syndrome in the Americas


OIE Webinar “Global Wildlife Health” 

Presentation on the White nose syndrome in the Americas 

On the occasion of the World Wildlife Day, on 3rd March, the regional representations of the OIE will organise a webinar to connect wildlife health stakeholders globally. 

 In representation of the Americas region, Dr. Jordi Segers, Canadian National Bat Health Scientific Coordinator, will deliver a presentation on the White nose syndrome in the Americas.

The event is open for participants globally with an interest in wildlife health. We particularly invite university students and young professionals to join the webinar. 

 The webinar will be held in two sessions—eastern hemisphere and western hemisphere—and the three official OIE languages (English, French and Spanish). 

 Session 1 (in English and French) – 2.00 am Buenos Aires Time – Registration link  

 Session 2 (in Spanish, English and French) – 11.00 am Buenos Aires TimeRegistration link  

Given that Zoom allows a limited number of participants, the webinar will be also livestreamed (in English only) on YouTube: 

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