Focal Points

Training for Veterinary Products Focal Points


On April 21 and 22, the OIE organized the Regional Webinar for OIE National Focal Points for Veterinary Products. This training event corresponds to the sixth global training cycle.

Webinar was attended by 66 participants from 29 OIE Members as well as 4 non-Members. Participants included 4 OIE Delegates, and 24 National Focal Points for Veterinary Products, as well as country participants. Additionally, four regional and International Organizations participated in the webinar.

Webinar covered topics related to Veterinary products quality and the surveillance of substandard and falsified products, as well as pharmacovigilance national and International initiatives. In addition, topics covered the OIE data collection on Antimicrobial use, as well as Antiparasitic resistance.

Meeting allowed participants to have an update on the situation in the Americas countries, as well as the global and regional initiatives, including the current OIE projects, on the presented topics.

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