WOAH Standards

Transparency of the process for the Standards elaboration


WOAH has been working hard over recent years to continue to improve the content and readability of the Specialist Commission’s reports to improve the transparency of the process for the elaboration of WOAH international Standards.

In line with the strategic objectives of the 7th Strategic Plan, I am pleased to inform you that I have decided to implement a step-wise approach to further progress on the transparency of the process for the elaboration of WOAH Standards. This approach will start with the publication of comments considered by a Commission, and progress to the inclusion of detailed Commission responses to comments considered, and finally, the evolution of the Specialist Commissions reports in this regard.

I believe that by having visibility of the comments considered, Members and relevant stakeholders will gain a better understanding of the range of opinions submitted, and this step will also make it possible for the Commissions to present their responses to comments in a clearer manner. Together this should result also in a better understanding of Member concerns, help build consensus on the proposals, and will also progressively improve the quality of the comments received.

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