International Wildlife Disease Association Conference


In its efforts to promote wildlife health and extend our networks, we are co-sponsoring the 2022 International Wildlife Disease Association (WDA) conference in Madison, USA between 23-29 July 2022 

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for transformative changes in human societal relationships to wildlife and the environment. This need is magnified by other societal challenges such as climate change, global pollution, food insecurity, among others, that all have a nexus with wildlife and wildlife health. These challenges and the need to find holistic solutions that optimize outcomes for humans, animals and the environment form the basis of the scientific themes for this conference. The conference will have a cutting edge, impactful science program to be delivered in engaging and innovative ways.  

Who should you attend the conference: Whether you work in the field, in a hospital, in an office or a lab, if your efforts are focused on improving wildlife health, conservation and management, or if wildlife diseases impact your profession, you should be at this conference. Attendees at WDA International conference include, but are not limited to: Veterinarians, Wildlife Professionals, Public Health workers, Students, Industry Professionals, and Government and Non-profit Organizations. 

You can find out more about the conference here: https://conferences.union.wisc.edu/wda2022/home/  

We hope to see you at the conference in July!