Webinar on WOAH standards, trade and African swine fever


Within the framework of the World Trade Organization Agreement on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS Agreement), the Webinar on FSMO Standards, Trade and African Swine Fever in the Americas was held on November 22-23, 2022, with the financial support of the European Union, through the Directorate General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE), as well as the Government of Canada, through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC).

Goal of the webinar is to provide knowledge and understanding of the role of WOAH Standards and how to apply them when setting sanitary measures to ensure safe trade in animals and animal products while avoiding unnecessary trade barriers. 

Representatives from 23 member countries in the region and from 8 regional organizations of the Americas participated in the meeting.

Below you will find the agenda and from it you can download the presentations.

Day 1 – November 22, 2022 – Framework for safe international trade
Time Topic Speakers / Moderators
10:50 Zoom connection
11:00 Opening of the webinar

Objectives, methodology and contents

Dr Luis Barcos, Regional Representative for the Americas
Dr Francisco D´ Alessio, Deputy Head, WOAH Standards Department
Session I. Framework for safe international trade – Introduction
11:10 WTO SPS Agreement principles.

General overview of WOAH Standards: Terrestrial Code and Manual

Dr Francisco D´Alessio
11:25 Regionalisation (Zoning & compartmentalization) and international trade. Dr Francisco D´Alessio
11:40 How to use WOAH Standards in practice to define sanitary measures for trade? Dr Gaston Funes, Vice President, Terrestrial Animal Health Standards Commission (TAHSC)
12:20 Interactive discussion
Q&A on Session I
Speakers from Session I


Dr Francisco D´Alessio (Facilitator)

12:30 Break
Session II. Implementing WOAH ASF Standards for trade
12:35 ASF virus characteristics and epidemiology, importance for trade of live pigs and pig products Dr Aruna Ambagala, WOAH ASF Reference Laboratory, Canada
12:45 Disease specific WOAH Standards on ASF, focusing on trade – Overview Dr Charmaine Chng, WOAH Science Department
12:55 Defining sanitary measures for international trade – ASF Dr Gaston Funes
13:10 Self-declaration of ASF Status Dr Natalie Moyen, WOAH Status Department
13:20 Implementation of WOAH Standards for ASF – An overview from the WOAH Observatory Gaspar Avendaño, WOAH Observatory
13:30 Interactive discussion
Q&A on Session II
Speakers from Session I


Dr Francisco D´Alessio (Facilitator)

13:45 End of day 1
Day 2 – November 23, 2022 – Safe international trade and African Swine fever
Time Topic Speakers / Moderators
Session III. ASF and international trade – WOAH Members experience:
10:50 Zoom connection
11:00 Managing international trade in infected countries – Experience from African countries Dr Mary Louise Penrith, South Africa
11:15 Managing international trade in infected countries – Experience from European countries Dr Benedetta Cappelletti, Italy
11:30 Managing international trade in infected countries – Experience from Dominican Republic Dr Ramon Ureña, Head of Pig Diseases Division
11:40 Interactive Session
Q&A on Session III
Speakers from Session III


Dr Luis Barcos (Facilitator)

12:00 Break
Session IV. ASF and international trade – Business continuity in the Americas
12:05 Countries experience:

·        How is trade currently managed with regards to ASF?

·        How is the country prepared for trade continuity in the case of an ASF outbreak?

Country representatives from Barbados, Brazil, Canada, Panama
12:55 Plenary discussion

·        Exchange on:

–        Practical experiences defining and implementing sanitary measures for ASF for international trade (whether from importing/exporting perspective).

–        Preparedness for business continuity

·        Identify some common challenges and good practices

Speakers & Participants

Dr Luis Barcos (Facilitator)

13:25 Take home messages and final remarks Dr Luis Barcos

Dr Francisco D´Alessio

13:40 End of the Webinar