The OIE held the Sub-Regional Workshop on maintenance of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) Official Free status in Bogotá, Colombia from 24 to 26 July, 2018


Foot and Mouth Disease Workshop

The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) held the Sub-Regional Workshop on maintenance of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) Official Free status in Bogotá, Colombia from 24 to 26 July with the aim of providing the 35 participants from South American countries with information on the standards and procedures for the maintenance of FMD free status and for the establishment of a containment zone in case of a potential FMD outbreak.


Strengthening capacities

The OIE, as part of its commitment to increase and strengthen the capacities of its member countries, held a Sub-regional workshop for the maintenance of the Official Foot and Mouth Disease Free Status with the participation of the veterinary services of South American OIE members. The participants were official veterinarians involved in the coordination of national control programmes for FMD and epidemiologists involved in the preparation of dossiers for the recognition and the annual reconfirmations for the maintenance of FMD status of the country. This workshop, with the participation OIE experts for FMD, technical FMD experts of the region, and representatives of regional and sub-regional organisations working on FMD control, covered issues related to:

  • The FMD situation in the region;
  • The OIE standards and procedures for maintenance of official FMD free status with and without vaccination, as well as for the suspension, recovery of status and establishment of a containment zone following a potential FMD outbreak;
  • Risk based vaccination and surveillance system, early warning systems and contingency plans; and
  • Strategies for transition from having a FMD free status with vaccination to a free status without vaccination.

Compliance with Standards and Regional Strategies

The objectives of the workshop were achieved by high level of participation and active discussions working on quizzes and case study exercises highlighting the important points related to the topics above-mentioned. The hands-on training allowed stimulating constructive discussions and exchange of knowledge and experience among all participants.

Furthermore, the representatives of the participating countries presented their experiences in maintenance of FMD free status and strategies in FMD control, among which highlighted topics were:

  • The use of risk-based vaccination towards progressive cessation of vaccination;
  • The transition from “free status with vaccination” to “free status without vaccination”;
  • Lessons learnt from cessation of vaccination and recurrence of FMD;
  • Early warning system for FMD;
  • The compilation of information for reconfirmation of FMD free zonal status with and without vaccination;
  • The transition from a “free zone status” to ‘free country status”; and
  • The establishment of a containment zone recognized by the OIE.

The OIE acknowledges with sincere thanks the financial support from the Brazilian Government and kind collaboration and hosting of the Colombian Government of this sub-regional workshop. The OIE also acknowledges the contributions of the OIE experts and of OIE Reference Laboratories for FMD of Argentina and Brazil, and the participation of General Secretary of the Andean Community (SGCAN) in this workshop.