Executive board


The Executive Board shall have the powers to:

  • Define the dates and venues for the meetings of the Committee.
  • Set the schedule and agenda for the meetings to be organized.
  • Ensure and review the implementation of the conclusions produced on the meeting of each Committee and make sure that they are properly included in the final report as agreed.
  • Establish the fees for participating in the meetings, when required.
  • Review the requests for funding for participants from the official sector or speakers to attend the meetings.
  • Manage and follow-up the management of financial resources.
  • Only Official Members shall have the right to voice and vote in the Executive Board. Affiliate Members shall have the right to voice.
  • Decisions of the Executive Board shall be made upon the agreement of Official and Affiliate Members.
  • Decisions and tasks assigned by the Executive Board shall be executed by the Secretariat.

The CAMEVET Executive Board shall be formed by:

  • Four Official Members.
  • Four Affiliate Members.

The Official Member from the hosting country where the Seminar is held, whether or not elected as a member of the Executive Board, will act as the CAMEVET President.

Positions of Members shall be renewed every two years

Members 2022-2024

Dr Gloria Alarcón (Paraguay)
QFB Maria Elena González (Mexico)
Dr Carolina Marambio (Chile)
Dr Maria José Interiano (Honduras)
Substitute: Dr. Jorge Berru (Ecuador)
Dr Mercedes Etcheverry (CEV Uruguay)
Dr Carlos Rufrano (CLAMEVET Argentina)
Dr Rafael Raya (ANALAV México)
Dr Jorge Santa Cruz (ASOVET Guatemala)
Substitute: Ms. Edith Gamarra (CAPALVE Paraguay)

Members 2019-2022

Dr Federico Luna (Argentina)
Dr Claudina Loza (Bolivia)
Dr Luna Lisboa (Brazil)
Dr Aida Rojas (Colombia)
Dr Rogelio Cuellar (ANALAV – Mexico)
Dr Javier Carracedo (ALANAC – Brazil)
Dr Carlos Motta (ASOVET – Guatemala)
Dr Edgar Medina (ALFA – El Salvador)


Members 2017-2019

Dr Gloria Alarcón (Paraguay)
Dr Berta Chelle (Uruguay)
Dr Verónica Loza (Ecuador)
Dr Benigno Alpizar (Costa Rica)
Dr Fernando Zambrano (Chile)
Dr Mercedes Etcheverry (CEV-Uruguay)
Dr Edith Gamarra (CAPALVE-Paraguay)
Dr Carlos Rufrano (CAPROVE-Argentina)
Dr Ricardo Hoigjelle (CADIN-Nicaragua)

Members 2016-2017

Dr Federico Luna (Argentina)
Dr Barbara Cordeiro (Brazil)
Dr Catya Martinez (Panama)
Dr Gloria Alarcon (Paraguay)
Dr Carlos Rufrano (CLAMEVET – Argentina)
Dr Claudia Re Huezo (ASIFAN – Costa Rica)
Dr Edith Gamarra (CAPALVE – Paraguay)
Dr Mercedes Etcheverry (CEV – Uruguay)