Strengthening wildlife surveillance network


From 2 to 6 October 2023, a workshop on Strengthening wildlife surveillance networks was held in Brasilia, Brazil.  This event was held in the framework of the project “Working together to fight antimicrobial resistance“, implemented by WOAH together with FAO and PAHO and funded by the European Union.

A total of 62 participants from the seven beneficiary countries of the project joined the workshop. During the 5-day workshop participants took part in plenary discussions on attributes of wildlife disease surveillance networks, improving notification of wildlife diseases, laboratory biosafety and biosecurity, risk communication, among others.

Also, attendees worked on a tabletop exercise to identify the agencies and partners currently involved with wildlife health investigations and their interactions during a wildlife disease event.

During the last two days, participants developed a logic model for enhancement of general wildlife disease surveillance system, including current resources, lists of needed protocols/SOPs, and training needs to implement a general wildlife disease surveillance network.

Access the full agenda (Spanish) of the event and presentations