WAHIS goes offline, new OIE-WAHIS launch imminent


WAHIS begins transition to OIE - WAHIS

We are very pleased to inform you that OIE-WAHIS, the new online notification application, and its public interface will be launched very soon.

In order to migrate data from WAHIS to OIE-WAHIS as smoothly as possible, Member Countries will not be able to report information neither in the current WAHIS nor in the new OIE-WAHIS. This period will last at least two weeks before the launch of the new OIE-WAHIS.

During this period, should you require urgent information from WAHIS, please contact [email protected]. However, as this will be a busy period for the team, we would be grateful if you could keep requests to a minimum. Please note that, in the meantime, any relevant immediate notifications sent by our Member Countries will be published through the alert system and on the OIE website in a different format.

Once OIE-WAHIS goes live, consulting and reporting users will be able to access the new OIE-WAHIS at (available soon) to consult on historical and new disease events as well as validated information from six-monthly reports. If you seek any historical data on Annual Reports and the Voluntary Report for non OIE-listed diseases of Wildlife Animals, please contact [email protected] as this information will not be available from OIE-WAHIS until OIE-WAHIS Release 2 goes live by the end of 2021.

How the transition will happen between WAHIS and OIE-WAHIS? Check the Infographie

The new OIE-WAHIS Alert App will go live in April 2021. The information on the old Alert app will not be updated after the OIE-WAHIS go-live date. Further details will follow in due course.

We invite you also to look at the video showing the exciting features of the new public interface which will be available after go-live. If you have further questions about these transition provisions or about OIE-WAHIS, please contact us at [email protected].