Regional Training of National OIE Focal Points for Wildlife


Regional Training of National OIE Focal Points for Wildlife

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the training of wildlife focal points in the Americas region has been postponed until we can return to face-to-face meeting (possibly in 2022). However, given the circumstances of this pandemic and the focus on spill-over of diseases from wildlife, it is of utmost importance that our OIE Wildlife Focal Points are up to date on the recent developments.

The present webinar is an intermediate cycle training course and will be co-organised and conducted by the five Regional Representations, with the assistance and under the overall supervision of the OIE Preparedness and Resilience Department (PRD), and the support of the OIE World Animal Health Information and Analysis Department (WAHIAD), as well as the US-based OIE Collaborating Centre on wildlife disease surveillance systems.

The overall objective of this intermediate training workshop is to provide participants with an update on recent developments and to invite them to collaborate in the drafting of the programme and Training Manual of the next round of training.

Some of the topics that will be covered during this training are:

· OIE Wildlife Health Framework ‘Protecting Wildlife Health to Achieve One Health’ (2021)

· Presentation and discussion of the draft of the 6th cycle Training Manual, prepared by the OIE Collaboration Centre in (Canada and) the US.

· Presentation of the new OIE-WAHIS platform (launched in March 2021) and its new functionalities, with a focus on current and future reporting options for wildlife OIE-listed diseases and non-OIE listed diseases.

The OIE Wildlife Health Framework is available here.

Note: this is an event exclusively for accredited OIE Focal Points and identified observer and partner organisations.

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