African swine fever: Risk analysis webinars


In line with the regional strategy developed within the Global Framework for the Progressive Control of Transboundary Animal Diseases (GF-TADs), a  new series of webinars on the most relevant topics related to ASF starts on 9th November.   

Risk analysis I – Fundamentals 

9 November – Foundations of Risk Analysis – download the agenda  Join / Junte-se a / Rejoignez

16 November – Practical tools for risk prevention download the agenda

30 November – Farm Risk Analysis (Bio security) download the agenda  Join / Junte-se a / Rejoignez

New date: December 14 – Results of ASF Risk Analysis for Latin America and the Caribbean download the agenda Join / Junte-se a / Rejoignez


Although each webinar will be a stand-alone session, we recommended that individuals participate in the entire series in order to acquire a more complete understanding of how to conduct a risk analysis, the use of the specific instruments and to learn more about the result of some recent risk analysis.