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The Sixth Strategic Plan, adopted by the Member Countries who met during the 83rd General Session of the World Assembly of Delegates, exploits the positive results of previous strategic plans, which it consolidates allowing the OIE to continue to contribute effectively to the responses to major societal challenges by adapting to their changes, and defining the overall vision of the OIE that can be summarized by its slogan “Protect animals and Preserve our Future.”, and include the following strategic objectives:

  • Ensure the health and well-being of animals and the safety of animal-based food and products, and reduce the transmission of diseases, notably by controlling the risks at the human-animal-environment interface;
  • Establish trust between stakeholders and trading partners in cross-border trade of animals and animal-based products and foods, through transparency and good communication on the incidence of epidemiologically important diseases, and through the OIE standards on the sanitary safety of exchanges;
  • Strengthen the capacity and sustainability of National Veterinary Services.

In addition, three cross-cutting areas, necessary for the realization of these three major strategic objectives, complete the package, namely (1) scientific excellence, (2) diversity, participation, commitment and transparency of the Organization, and (3) its governance.

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