Training of National Focal Points for Wildlife, 6th cycle


Since 2020, the World Organisation for Animal Health, has been expanding its work in wildlife health, promoting the growth of surveillance systems for wildlife health at national, regional, and international levels, and motivating Members to evaluate the importance and visibility given to wildlife health in their countries.

In line with WOAH’s Global Wildlife Programme, the Regional Workshop for National Wildlife Focal Points, 6th cycle, was held in Mexico City from 17-19 April, with the support of the National Service for Health, Safety and Agri-Food Quality (SENASICA).

During the three-day workshop, the wildlife focal points addressed the main issues in wildlife animal health and welfare, such as:

  • Management of wildlife diseases
  • Good practices in wildlife disease management
  • Management and surveillance strategies
  • Cross-sectoral coordination
  • Wildlife network in the Americas