Online prescription of antimicrobials in Chile: two innovative developments


The seven countries that are part of the tripartite project “Working together to fight antimicrobial resistance” are actively involved in the exchange of good practices and experiences.

In the case of Chile, the initiatives of the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) and the National Fishing and Aquaculture Service (SERNAPESCA) are worth mentioning. These organisations have developed, each in its own area of competence, systems aimed at implementing online veterinary medical prescription throughout Chile.

The first project (SERNAPESCA’s PMV Online) was developed in 2016, in collaboration with the University of Chile. In a first stage, an online platform operated exclusively in sea salmon farming centres. In 2021, following funding received in the framework of the project “Working together to fight antimicrobial resistance”, SERNAPESCA optimised the functioning of the platform and extended its use to freshwater centres. Since 2018, its use is mandatory.

Following this successful experience, in 2021 SAG started working on its own platform, with the objective of regulating and monitoring veterinary antimicrobial prescribing in terrestrial animals. This new platform covers antimicrobial prescribing for terrestrial food-producing animals and companion animals. The development is currently in a pilot test phase, and its use is expected to become mandatory in the course of 2023.

Both initiatives are framed within the actions of the National Plan against antimicrobial resistance and, once fully implemented, will allow Chile to improve the management of the control of antimicrobial prescriptions issued for food-producing animals, both terrestrial and aquatic, and for companion animals.

Like in Argentina’s experience, we believe it is worth highlighting the value and effectiveness of this type of tool, which can be replicated in the region. In this case, access to real and current information is essential to prepare reports and statistics, but also to strengthen supervision and make decisions based on complete and reliable information.

About the project “Working Together to Fight Antimicrobial Resistance”

To strengthen the control of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in the Americas region, tripartite (WOAH, FAO and PAHO) is implementing the project “Working Together to Fight Antimicrobial Resistance” funded by the European Union. The seven beneficiary countries of the project are: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

The objective of this project is to support the selected countries in the implementation of their National Action Plans (NAP), share experiences, advocate best practices and promote collaboration.