African Swine Fever (ASF)

5th Meeting of the GF-TADs Standing Group of Experts on African swine fever (SGE-ASF) for the Americas


On Tuesday 23 August, the 5th meeting of the GF-TADs Standing Group of Experts on African Swine Fever (SPG-SF) for the Americas was held virtually. The meeting was attended by members of the veterinary services, members of the most relevant international organisations in the region, and private sector partners from the Ibero-American pork value chain.

The objective of the meeting was to learn about the ASF situation in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and the status of implementation of the action plan, derived from the regional strategy against ASF. In addition, the results of the risk analysis of ASF virus introduction and of a simulation exercise on the reception of suspected ASF samples, developed by FAO, the latter in collaboration with OIRSA, in the Central American region, were presented.

Representatives of international organisations participated in a round table discussion on the main challenges posed by the reintroduction of the ASF virus in the Region and their vision for the medium and long term.

Given that Canada and the United States have recently been designated to have their facilities serve as reference laboratories for ASF diagnosis, the procedures, and requirements for countries to submit suspect samples to confirm or rule out ASF outbreaks in their territories were presented. This designation facilitates and expedites timely diagnosis, making optimal use of available resources.

Some of the recommendations of the standing group of experts include:

For the countries

· Enhance cross-border cooperation, in the framework of ASF prevention, control and eradication.

· Long-term planning and coordinated mobilisation of financial and logistical resources.

For the international organisations

· Continue using the GF-TADs framework as the main mechanism of coordination and collaboration.

· Promote public-private collaboration to address the threat posed by ASF.

· To incorporate the activities from the SGE-ASF and the SGE-CSF, promoting their merge as Standing Group of Experts in transboundary swine diseases SGE-TSD.

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Click bellow for the presentations:

Time  Topic  Coordinator / Speaker 
09:00 5 min Wellcome Dr Jaspinder Komal
09:05  15 min  ASF situation in Dominican Republic   Dominican Republic
09:20  15 min  ASF situation in Haiti Dr Haim Joseph – WOAH Delegate from Haiti
09:35  15 min  FAO’s Risk analisis on ASF  Dr Andriy Rozstalnyy – FAO 
09:50  10 min  Report of the ASF Working Group  Dr Charmaine Chng – Scientific Coordinator – WOAH Science Department  
10:00  60 min  Interactive session: 

  • Implementation of national action plan
Zoom poll – each Member country
11:00  20 min Regulation in the shipping of samples for ASF diagnosis Representatives from: 

11:20 10 min   Challenges in the shipping of samples for ASF diagnosis   Representative from Guatemala 
11:30 10 min BREAK
11:40 45 min Regional and Subregional Organizations – Round table: 

  • Priority activities ASF within the ASF Regional Framework  
  • Main challenges 
  • Vision on the ASF situation in the Region 

 Dr Luis Barcos – WOAH

 Dr Andrés González-Serrano – FAO RLC 

 Next steps  

12:25 15 min Private sector activities OIPORC 
15 min Private sector challenges and opportunities American Group for ASF Prevention
12:50 10 min Merge of activities for ASF and CSF SGE’s  Dr Catya Martinez Rivas – WOAH
13:00 10 min Announcement of next planned activities Dr Andrés González Serrano & Dr Catya Martinez  
13:10 5 min Recommendation Dr Andrés González Serrano & Dr Catya Martinez
13:15  5 min Final remarks Dr Jaspinder Komal